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I’ve been working on going off recipe more when cooking. Mainly, I’ve been glancing an a recipe and then flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to ingredients and measurements.

So tonight, I tackled a homemade chicken marinade. I couldn’t find the recipe I went off of, so apologies to the original chef. But here’s what I came up with, and it turned out pretty awesome:

3 splashes of apple vinegar
A few squirts sriracha
3 spoons mustard
A bunch of salt (I love salt)
Black pepper
Garlic (I used powder, but fresh would be good)
Lemon pepper powder
A squeeze of lime
3 splashes olive oil

Whisk together and pour over chicken breasts. Marinade for as long as you want (the longer the better, I’ve heard).

Broil chicken breasts, 10 minutes on each side